Ensuring that your team are trained in their role, understand how to use the plan and any other tools, and are familiar with operating in the emergency operations centre means that they are more likely to be effective team member especially when they are called upon to help manage an emergency.

Dedicated training for those people who are tasked with leading the team managing an emergency helps prepare them for what can be a stressful and at times high-pressure role. The team leader is the person that the team is going to be looking to for guidance and direction, and will often set the mood for the team and in turn how well the emergency is managed.

RED Consultant can provide training for anyone who might be involved in the process of managing an emergency, whether they be the team leader, emergency team members, internal or external stakeholders or anyone who might be involved in an emergency.

Training that RED Consultant can help you with includes:

  • Emergency planning familiarisation
  • Emergency team member training
  • Emergency operations training
  • Leading emergency management teams
  • Client directed training.