Determining how effective you were in responding to an emergency, or how useful your emergency planning documentation was, can be very difficult.

It is often better to have someone from outside the organisation do the review or analysis, removing the burden, and avoiding internal conflicts.

Ideally, the reviewer should be someone with broad-ranging experience, from mitigation, through to the preparation and planning, or into the work of response and recovery, across a number of industries and organisations, and with first-hand experience in managing emergency incidents or disaster response.

RED Consultant can provide detailed and thorough analysis for you, based on industry best practice, and over a decade of broad-ranging industry experience in the areas of emergency and disaster management, including:

  • Post incident review
  • Hazard and risk analysis
  • Planning and preparation review
  • Emergency response and planning documentation review.

Additionally, RED Consultant can also provide comprehensive review services in the area of building fire safety, on current levels of compliance, and the most efficient and effective manner of maintaining compliance and ensuring safety.